Tim van 't Hof | 36 years | Netherlands                                                          CONTACT ME

For 20+ years I have been active in Graphic Design, Arts & Illustration. I am classically trained and through that have a strong base and understanding of picture making. I see beauty in alot of mundane stuff and a plethora of things like colors, views, music or images can trigger inspiration and creativity in me, I can always find some source from which I can work, this is also my biggest drive. 

What I bring to the table is custom creativity and execution, there is always more than one solution to a problem and the goal is to find the best one that suits a clients needs. 

Currently I am active under my freelance alias Painterly Owl and I provide fine art, illustration and visualisations, but 
I am also currently open to a permanent position in the world of digital media. 



Illustration                                          Sketchwork
Portraits                                              Digital Art
Visual Development                           Art Direction

Webdesign                                         E-mail Marketing

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