Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

During the hype for release of their final season, i worked on a pitch for Game of Thrones. The idea was to create a life-size dragon that would move it's head and breathe while visitors could sit on their backs wearing a VR helmet. Riding the dragon while acting out one of the battle scenes from the final season! This was one of those super cool ideas that unfortunately never made it into production..

↑ ABOVE : VR Experience concept
↓ BELOW: Life-size dragon concept 



Toyota ViosConcept-art

Google PharosConcept-art

Nike ReactIllustration

Madame TussaudsStage design

VR LovehotelCharacter design

Het ParoolIllustration

Adidas WalkInstallation

Game of ThronesConcept-art


GenslerConcept Design


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